Assigning lead score to customers in Telecom Industry - Simple Logistic Regression

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In this case study, we have been assigned by an education company named X Education which sells online courses to industry professionals to identify the right leads.

Background: On any given day, many professionals who are interested in the courses land on their website and browse for courses, however, there are a lot of leads generated in the initial stage, but only a few of them come out as paying customers. In the middle stage, we need to nurture the potential leads well (i.e. educating the leads about the product, constantly communicating etc. ) in order to get a higher lead conversion.

Problem Statement: To build a model wherein we need to assign a lead score to each of the leads such that the customers with higher lead score have a higher conversion chance and the customers with lower lead score have a lower conversion chance. The CEO, in particular, has given a ballpark of the target lead conversion rate to be around 80%.

Also, discuss the important variables which are behind high lead scores

Link to the project code

This case study has been completed with the help of my team mate Koushal Deshpande. Thanks Koushal for your help and your key insights!