ForeC App - A local solution to a global pandemic

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2020 has not been a kind year to any of us. While many of us have been fortunate to be not directly impacted, millions of others have not been. Apart from being affected physically and mentally by this ravaging virus, our economies have suffered, people have lost their jobs, and a lot of dreams were put on hold. Our team decided to put together a web application which could help local businesses in Australia make better decisions while learning to live with the new “COVID normal” life.

Two of the key problem statements that we identified were:

  • Abrupt lockdowns in different states affecting businesses
  • The rise in misinformation leading to less number of people getting diagnosed


  • Forecasted data at local governance area level thus giving businesses an opportunity to plan ahead in case of more lockdowns in purview of local outbreaks in future

  • Medically approved chatbot which can help to triage patients with COVID symptoms anonymously

Link to the video


  • Use better and more advanced forecasting techniques (by taking help from a domain specialist) to improvde our predictions

  • Include more features on the chatbot to identify more intents such as displaying lcoalized news, emergency numbers, and act as a symtpom checker for other diseases as well